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Oh~ jeez. One of these boring things XP haha I'm just kidding. 

Okay so this is Kim Himchan-COADMIN/Commander, an introduction >o> dun dun dun

Hello there terrianians XP My name is Kim Himchan, a member of the-now quite popular, HA to Exo >o> / / XP-kpop boy group B.A.P. We are the B-A-P Yessir! >o< \ \ although this is only one of them haha. Me and me fellow five friends.....who frollic in-nope lost it-anyways me and my members are the most amusing, craziest batch of idols you've ever seen. So really, when you can spare a good five hours minimum to check out our awesome, do so XP mwuhaha. 

A little about myself? Let's see here. I'm 22 currently, and loving being at that age actually X3 Not to condone drinking or anything >.> haha. Like mentioned earlier, I'm a member of the boy group B.A.P. If you have no idea who that is, I'll give you a hint. We're the one's in all blonde >~> XP Anyways I am the member who does a little bit of everything talent wise. I do sing, and you will notice....not just because I'm awesome but also because I have a pretty low range haha ;P I also rap a fair amount and, like we all do, I can dance >~>. The thing I'm most proud of though is my ability to play a lot of traditional musical instruments. Hey, being a music major has it's perks ;D

So~ yeah that's all I'll bore you with lol. If you wanna get to know some more about me, I'm willing-err somewhat-to answer any questions so fire away XP Otherwise, hope to see some new recruits to this amazing world of insanity!!

Oh, one last thing, that Hyosung girl? Yeah don't listen to what she says about me XP arasso? ;D


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