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Hiiii~ Everyone :3
I'm the admin here, I wanted to create this community, along with my fellow lablemate Kim Himchan, to help all of us idols get closer together and keep in contact, as well as meet new people.

Sooooo~ let me introduce myself. Jun Hyosung, here, I'm currently 23 years old, my birthday is on October 13, and I'm the only 89'er in TS Entertainment TT^TT Please don't call me noona or ahjumma though~ I'm not that old I swear~
I'm one of the four girls in the idol group "Secret" owned by TS Entertainment. We've recently come out with a new MV and a new single called Poison so please, look into it if you haven't already, we appreciate the support~ (>^.^)> Also we're coming out with a new MV soon as well, although we're only just releasing the teasers for it. Please look forward to it.
One of the traits that everyone seems to notice about me is my big gummy smile XD And I'm proud to show it off all the time~ 
...Okay so that's not it really >~>""\ \ I'm also one of the known "bagels" in kpop entertainment. For those of you who don't know what that is it's someone who has a "baby" face but a "glamorous body" How embarrassing~ >////< And yet flattering at the same time >w> 
Unfortunately I'm not special enough to have any solo things going on at the moment but I'm hoping to get into more things and expand my horizons a little more.
So for now~ I guess that's it. Please feel free to add me or send me a message, whatever is fine. As long as your name isn't Kim Himchan :P

Peace out~ 

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