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[Status Update]

Some of you may have heard that recently Secret was in a car accident, unfortunately Zinger was hurt quite a bit more than the rest of us, but she's recovering nicely now, just feeling a little down because of everything D= I also agitated the foot that I'd hurt a while back (They had to put it in a cast! D=) but it's not that bad, and JiEun and Sunhwa got away with just a couple of bangs and scratches.
Oh and also! We're on break until the 28th. We're so sorry to all of the fans, but we're also very thankful to TS for being so understanding <3


Oh~ jeez. One of these boring things XP haha I'm just kidding. 

Okay so this is Kim Himchan-COADMIN/Commander, an introduction >o> dun dun dun

Hello there terrianians XP My name is Kim Himchan, a member of the-now quite popular, HA to Exo >o> / / XP-kpop boy group B.A.P. We are the B-A-P Yessir! >o< \ \ although this is only one of them haha. Me and me fellow five friends.....who frollic in-nope lost it-anyways me and my members are the most amusing, craziest batch of idols you've ever seen. So really, when you can spare a good five hours minimum to check out our awesome, do so XP mwuhaha. 

A little about myself? Let's see here. I'm 22 currently, and loving being at that age actually X3 Not to condone drinking or anything >.> haha. Like mentioned earlier, I'm a member of the boy group B.A.P. If you have no idea who that is, I'll give you a hint. We're the one's in all blonde >~> XP Anyways I am the member who does a little bit of everything talent wise. I do sing, and you will notice....not just because I'm awesome but also because I have a pretty low range haha ;P I also rap a fair amount and, like we all do, I can dance >~>. The thing I'm most proud of though is my ability to play a lot of traditional musical instruments. Hey, being a music major has it's perks ;D

So~ yeah that's all I'll bore you with lol. If you wanna get to know some more about me, I'm willing-err somewhat-to answer any questions so fire away XP Otherwise, hope to see some new recruits to this amazing world of insanity!!

Oh, one last thing, that Hyosung girl? Yeah don't listen to what she says about me XP arasso? ;D

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Hug XD


Hiiii~ Everyone :3
I'm the admin here, I wanted to create this community, along with my fellow lablemate Kim Himchan, to help all of us idols get closer together and keep in contact, as well as meet new people.

Sooooo~ let me introduce myself. Jun Hyosung, here, I'm currently 23 years old, my birthday is on October 13, and I'm the only 89'er in TS Entertainment TT^TT Please don't call me noona or ahjumma though~ I'm not that old I swear~
I'm one of the four girls in the idol group "Secret" owned by TS Entertainment. We've recently come out with a new MV and a new single called Poison so please, look into it if you haven't already, we appreciate the support~ (>^.^)> Also we're coming out with a new MV soon as well, although we're only just releasing the teasers for it. Please look forward to it.
One of the traits that everyone seems to notice about me is my big gummy smile XD And I'm proud to show it off all the time~ 
...Okay so that's not it really >~>""\ \ I'm also one of the known "bagels" in kpop entertainment. For those of you who don't know what that is it's someone who has a "baby" face but a "glamorous body" How embarrassing~ >////< And yet flattering at the same time >w> 
Unfortunately I'm not special enough to have any solo things going on at the moment but I'm hoping to get into more things and expand my horizons a little more.
So for now~ I guess that's it. Please feel free to add me or send me a message, whatever is fine. As long as your name isn't Kim Himchan :P

Peace out~ 
:3, heck yes, Mephisto, awesome

Character List

All characters will be added and categorized by companies and group name, just in case anyone isn't sure what company the groups are in or who they should add, and as soon as a character is taken I'll put the person's username next to it.

SNSD/Girl's Generation

Taeyon -
Hyoyeon -
Sunny - 
Yoona -
Yuri - 
Jessica - 
Tiffany - 
Seohyun -
SooYoung -

Super Junior/M
Leeteuk - 
Donghae -
ZhouMi - 
Kangin -
Henry -
Heechul -
Eunhyuk -
Shindong -
Yesung -
Ryeowook -
HanGeng - 
Kyuhyun -
Siwon -

Victoria -
Luna -
Amber -
Krystal -
Sulli -

Onew -
Key -
Minho -
Taemin -

Exo- K/M
Kai -
Suho -
Chanyeol -
SeHun -
Baekhyun -



Jinwoon -

Changmin -
Jo Kown -
Seulong -

Nichkhun -
Taecyeon -
Junho -
Junsu -
Wooyoung -
Chansung -

JJ Project
JB -
Jr. -

Miss A
Fei -
Jia -
Suzy -
Min -

Wonder Girls
Sohee -
Sunye -
Yenny -
Yubin -
Hyerim -
Sunmi -



Dara -
CL -
Minzy -
Bom -

Big Bang

G. Dragon -
Taeyang -
Daesung -
T.O.P -
Seungri -


Jiyoon -
Hyuna -
Gayoon -
Sohyun -
Jihyun -

Doojoon -
Kikwang -
Hyunseung -
Dongwoon -
Junhyung -
Yoseob -

Eunkwang -
Minhyuk -
Ilhoon -
Hyunsik -
Changsub -
Peniel -
Sungjae -


Yongguk -
Himchan - sashimichan90(Co-Admin)
Daehyun -
Youngjae -
Zelo -
Jongup -

Hyosung - bagel4him(Admin)
Zinger - 
Sunhwa -
JiEun -

WM Entertainment

Jinyoung -
Gongchan -
Sandeul -
Baro -

Stardom Entertainmnet

Block B.
Zico -
Kyung -
B. Bomb -
Ukwon -
Taeil -
P.O. -
Jaehyo -

FNC Entertainment

Yonghwa -
Jonghyun -
Jungshin -
Minhyuk -

FT Island
Hongki -
Jaejin -
Jonghoon -
Minhwan -
Seunghyun -

Juniel -

Woolim Entertainment

Sunggyu -
Woohyun -
Dongwoo -
Sungyeol -
Sungjong -
Hoya -
L (Myungsoo) -

Okay, so that's it for now, I know I'm missing a lot but wow was that a lot to type. Let me know if I'm missing someone that you want to roleplay as and I'll add them and the list as soon as I can. Thanks for your patience in advance.
:3, heck yes, Mephisto, awesome

Community Rules/Welcome

Welcome Message 
Okay, so I've done a couple of rp's in my time, but most of the time it's been in a forum or with a friend, so being an admin and certainly starting something like this is a little new for me. If someone who's been an admin or has been rp'ing longer than me comes along, let me know and we can maybe hash some things out and get this thing going a little better... 

So anyways, because I'm new to all of this, there's probably not going to be a whole lot of rules, just some basics to keep everyone in line and let them know what's going on, otherwise you'll be pretty much free to roam.

Okay, so I basically created this group, which is incredibly original, I know, just for idols to get together and talk/hook up, whatever you'd like. You can post short little status updates if you want, post pictures, whatever you want, then if you'd like you can RP with just someone else and post it up here bit by bit, whichever you prefer.

Okay, come one now guys, these are going to be your basic roleplaying rules...

  • Please, if you're going to post, post something substantial, I don't want to see "U R LIEK TEH COOLEST EVAR" Unless it's someone fooling around.
  • Let's keep things as PG-13 as possible, try not to cuss too often and if you feel like writing smut go ahead and PM each other
  • Obviously, as the Community Name says, shippers are welcome and so of course you're allowed to couple up with whoever you wish, crack couples even are welcome :3 Just make sure it's okay with the other person first, obviously.
  • No couples within the first four days of joining, we'd just like you all to get to know everyone a little better before you jump into things is all.
  • No bashing or god modding another person's character, please people, play nice with each other.
  • Either action or para is fine, whichever you prefer, but it'd probably be easiest to go along with whoever you're talking with would like to do, so talk it out with them first, it's weird to see para and action together.
  • In order to talk with others in your group, please create a Skype, it's free to download for only the instant messaging and you can make as many accounts as you like on it.
  • No AU, again, if you like, PM each other.
  • Try to stay as much in character as possible, for anything out of character, use whichever your prefer: Double parenthesis, brackets, ooc: just make sure you indicate it in some way.
  • Try to stay as active in this group as possible, minimum of being one week. If you're having difficulties, at least let us know in some way if you need to go on hiatus. If you're on hiatus for more than two months than you will be cut and your character will be up for grabs unless you contact us with any further information on your situation.
  • In order to start things off, add anyone who is in the company that your idol works in, aside from that, anyone that you know that your idol knows personally. For instance: Eunhyuk could add Junsu, or if Seohyun wanted to, she could add Yonghwa.
  • When you want to add a character (you're allowed to make more than one if you wish, just try to keep all of your accounts up to date) ask to put them on hold, then create your LJ account within four days, if you fail to meet these requirements, your character will be back up for grabs.